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Rancho De La Luna featured on this week’s Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

fred drakeTo mark the release of their eighth album Sonic Highways, part-time Queens drummer Dave Grohl’s “other band” Foo Fighters have been documenting their creative process in a weekly HBO show of the same name. The fact that each of the album’s eight tracks was inspired by a different American city has given viewers an opportunity to follow the band as they travel the USA and uncover the rich musical history of each of their stops. This week was, according to the episode title at least, an exploration of the world-renowned Los Angeles music scene – however, to the joy of many of the frequenters here, much of the hour was spent in a cluttered little recording studio about 150 miles further inland.

Set just on the outskirts of California’s Joshua Tree National Park (and just across the road from where another Joshua grew up), the Rancho De La Luna recording studio has become a Meccah for artists who seek inspiration from its beautifully barren surroundings. Rancho was founded in 1993 by Fred Drake and Dave Catching and has played an integral part in the Palm Desert Scene, hosting bands such as Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, earthlings? and Fatso Jetson. Josh Homme’s Desert Sessions, an entire catalogue of genre-spanning jams and future hits, was borne of the lack of distraction offered by the setting and the versatility that arose from the restricted equipment available in the studio. This week it was Foo Fighters’ turn to experience the magic of the Mojave desert as they wrote their new track, Outside.

Regardless of your feelings toward Foo Fighters, if you have any interest in the musical context surrounding Queens Of The Stone Age (or in seeing some amusing shots of Josh as a fifteen year old) then with a bunch of interviews from important Desert Scene figureheads and a touching tribute to the late Fred Drake, the episode is definitely worth catching up on.

New Alain Johannes album out today!

Today marks the release of Fragments and Wholes Vol. 1, the first solo album from regular Queens collaborator Alain Johannes in four years.

Alain’s name will be familiar to many of us – having been accurately described by Josh as his own “secret weapon”, Alain has left his mark on every QOTSA album since Songs for the Deaf, made multiple appearances on Desert Sessions records and joined supergroup Them Crooked Vultures onstage for every live show.

On his new album the revered multi-instrumentalist expands on the unique sound he introduced in 2010′s heartfelt and bittersweet Spark, a record written in response to his wife and creative partner Natasha Shneider’s passing.

For an idea of what to expect from the new album, check out an acoustic version of Alain’s track Kaleidoscope below.

To find out more about Fragments and Wholes take a look at Alain’s PledgeMusic page here.

Jon Theodore Photo Gallery #1

A gallery featuring Queens’ new drummer Jon Theodore:

Queens of the Stone Age Photo Gallery #2

Another set of photos of the band and a couple of these are quite old:

Josh Homme Photo Gallery #2

A few more excellent photos of the one and only Joshua Homme:

Past Members Photo Gallery #1

Dave Catching has done plenty of work with QOTSA and is currently part of the Eagles of Death Metal:

Alain Johannes played bass guitar in Queens for several years and also toured with Josh as a part of Them Crooked Vultures:

Natasha Shneider toured as QOTSA’s keyboardist in support of Lullabies to Paralyze and also contributed on the album Songs for the Deaf. She was Alain’s partner and passed away in 2008 after a battle with cancer:

Dean Fertita Photo Gallery #1

A gallery of photos featuring QOTSA’s awesome multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita:

Mark Lanegan Photo Gallery #1

Mark Lanegan has provided his incredible voice to QOTSA for a number of incredible tracks and live performances:

Nick Oliveri Photo Gallery #1

Nick Oliveri played bass with Queens on Rated R and Songs for the Deaf. He recently re-united with the band and contributed to the upcoming album:

Michael Shuman Photo Gallery #1

A collection of photos featuring QOTSA’s bassist, Michael Shuman, who joined the group in 2007.