Queens of the Stone Age gets their first #1 album

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In this day and age, do album sales really matter? People download music for free, they pick and choose individual songs to buy and just generally buy significantly fewer albums than they did just a decade ago.

However, QOTSA’s new album …Like Clockwork debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and I think that’s pretty cool. It’s the band’s first number 1 album (their previous best was Lullabies to Paralyze which peaked at #5) and also the first number 1 record from Matador. Lullabies actually sold 6,000 more copies in its first week than …Like Clockwork did (97,000 vs. 91,000), but record sales are declining every year, so this debut is still pretty impressive. Many people deserve to be congratulated for this awesome achievement:

1) Josh Homme – because there is no such thing as QOTSA without Josh
2) Troy, Mikey, Dean, Dave, Joey and Jon – because there is more to QOTSA than just Mr. Homme
3) Trent Reznor, Alex Turner, Elton John and all the other guests – because each of them brought something unique to the table
4) Matador Records – because the buildup, marketing and execution of the album launch were done exceptionally well

So this piece of news isn’t really a big deal. But it sort of is. Queens of the Stone Age has created something wonderfully unexpected with …Like Clockwork and they are being rewarded for their creativity. QOTSA should be incredibly proud of this accomplishment. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last #1 record we see from Josh and the gang.

Read the full story on Billboard here

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