Queens of the Stone Age release their seventh LP, Villains!

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You’ve almost certainly heard the news by now, but just in case you haven’t: Queens’ seventh record, Villains, hit stores last Friday and if you’re yet to hear it then boy, you’re in for a treat.

Coming four years after …Like Clockwork, the nine-song LP sees Josh and the gang in a more upbeat, danceable and “nowist” mood and was produced, perhaps surprisingly, by pop wunderkind Mark Ronson. Speaking to NME about the unlikely collaboration, Josh explained:

In the same way that I met Mark Rankin by listening to ‘Rolling in The Deep’ and I thought, ‘man this song sounds amazing’… My kids were listening to ‘Uptown Funk’, and I thought ‘this sounds amazing, it’s really tight and dry’ and that was the direction I wanted to take this record in. “Then Ronson called me up to work on this Gaga stuff [Lady Gaga's latest record, Joanne, to which Homme contributed instrumentals] and within half an hour I was like ‘I think I’ll ask Ronson to do this’ – it will confuse and dismay people. I think one of the true joys of being in a rock’n’roll band is to define expectations just so you can defy them.”

The new album’s tracklist includes singles The Way You Used To Do and The Evil Has Landed, as well as a studio version of Villains of Circumstance, a song debuted acoustically by Josh way back in 2014.

Listen to the album now via the usual streaming services, the official YouTube playlist or by buying through Matador Records.

P.S.: A highlight of the numerous promotional clips that surrounded the release is Liam Lynch’s interrogation of each member of the QOTSA back catalogue, with the records voiced by Mr Homme himself. Check it out, yah.

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