Queens of the Stone Age website broken?

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Over the past few weeks, I have received several emails asking me: “is QOTSA.com broken” or “why is the official Queens of the Stone Age website not working”? Recently, I have also received a couple Twitter messages on this topic. After some digging around (and some help from a Twitter follower and people on TheFade.net Message Board) I have some answers.

1) This is not a spot for a password – I don’t know why it is using a “hidden” font, but as far as I know, a password does not exist to enter the website.

2) Instead, try entering your email address (correctly – which is a bit of a challenge given the password style font).

3) Wait a few minutes and enjoy the cryptic message that arrives.

I’m not sure what exactly this will accomplish – presumably you will get more information about the upcoming album in the future. I am also not sure why this website re-design has taken several weeks…

So basically, the website isn’t broken. Just hard to figure out. The RekordsRekords Forum has also been taken offline and I don’t know when (or if) it will return. Just keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. jimmycrackcorn says:

    It was prob done cause the band wants to keep things on the down low, info leaks in that forum, there are certain poster(s) that know things

    • thefade says:

      Possible. But many of the posters that “know things” would also probably refrain from posting details if the band wanted it kept quiet. Those members of the forum only seem to leak the info the band wants leaked. Also – just because the forum is offline doesn’t mean that the website needed to be taken down…

  2. JDEAN13 says:


  3. andreas says:

    man i dont know why but i cant get access to the qotsa site an i did as you said inserted my e mail but nothing happened anyway if anyone can give me a helping hand is welcome.greetings from greece

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