Version 4.0 is here!

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With Queens of the Stone Age set to release a new album sometime in 2013, we’ve decided to update to make it look prettier and more functional. The best part of Version 4.0 is that it runs using WordPress – so several volunteer editors will be adding photos, videos and other content. Hopefully, this ensures that this website continues to be the best and most popular Queens fansite on the internet.

If you are interested in helping out with the site (only basic computer knowledge is required), please feel free to send me a quick email. If you already spend your free time watching QOTSA videos on YouTube or looking for awesome Queens photos, then you are already doing 90% of the work necessary to help with TheFade.

Thank you for all the support and enjoy the new version of the website!


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  1. anticitizen says:

    Any chance I could finally have my forum account activated?

  2. thefade says:

    Assuming your username on the forum is also ‘anticitizen’ – your account has been activated.

    Sorry about the delay – we have been getting tons of spam on the forum and to cut this down we need to manually approve all new accounts there. However, this has meant going through hundreds of fake accounts per week. We are going to upgrade the forum soon to cut down on the spam and make it easier for legitimate new users to participate. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Can'tPossibly says:

    Still waiting for my account to be activated.

    • thefade says:

      I can’t find your username (or email) in the forum’s database. Send me an email ( with your details to have your forum account activated (this also goes for anyone else with an account that has not been verified yet).


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