Michael Shuman

michael_shuman_singingBeing a bass player for QOTSA in the post Nick Oliveri era is difficult to say the least. No matter how talented you may be, a surprisingly large number of “fans” of the band will continue to pray for Nick’s return. Very few QOTSA fans had ever heard of Michael Shuman when it was announced in the Spring of 2007 that he would join the band’s lineup replacing Alain Johannes, who worked on Era Vulgaris but decided to return to his group Eleven instead of touring with QOTSA.

Affectionately referred to as “Mikey Shoes”, QOTSA’s current bassist brings an additional level of excitement to the band’s live gigs. Before Josh Homme asked him to join Queens, Michael played bass and sang with the band Wires on Fire. While many QOTSA fans had never heard Mikey play live, we all trusted Josh’s judgment when choosing QOTSA’s new bassist. Shuman’s stage antics and tremendous bass skill remind some of a young Oliveri (with much more hair).

At first, QOTSA fans were unsure if Michael would become a longtime member of the band. However, they discovered the energy and enthusiasm Shuman adds to Queens’ already amazing live shows.

In addition, Michael is a part of Mini Mansions along with Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford. The group released a self-released EP in 2009 which contains nine tracks, a self-titled LP in 2010 and has plans on releasing a second album in 2013.