Past Members

Queens of the Stone Age have also had the privilege of playing with these other amazing musicians (among others) over the years:

Alain Johannes

Alain Johannes is a recent member of the Queens family, joining in 2005. Johannes plays guitar and bass for QOTSA on Lullabies to Paralyze and toured with the group in support of that album later that year and in 2006. Alain has appeared on Dessert Session albums 7-10 and co-wrote “Hangin’ Tree” on “Songs for the Deaf”.

Alain and Natasha Schneider (who also plays with the Queens), along with
Jack Irons, formed the band “Eleven.” Eleven has released five albums since 1991. The most recent work was “Howling Book”, put out in 2003. Johannes was also a significant contributor to Chris Cornell’s 1999 solo album, “Euphoria Morning”, and was the only other contributor on the 1996 debut album by Jason Falkner, “Jason Falkner Presents Author Unknown”.

Johannes is endorsed by Line 6 Amplifiers, and is listed as a user of the Flextone series of amps. Alain played bass on Era Vulgaris before leaving the band to focus on some of his other projects


Dave Catching

Dave Catching was born June 7th, 1961 in Memphis Tennesse.  He is a co-owner and founder of Rancho De La Luna, where he met and worked with Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Eagles Of Death Metal, and countless other bands.  He originally joined Queens Of The Stone Age to help with the live aspect of the band.  He played Guitar, Lapsteel Guitar, and Keyboard.  He has made many guest apperances on each of the Queens Of The Stone Age albums, including his picture being on the CDs themseleves for “Rated R” and “Songs For The Deaf”.  Aside from QOTSA, he has been involved with many other bands and projects such as Earthlings?, Yellow #5, Eagles Of Death Metal, and Mondo Generator.


Alfredo Hernandez

Alfredo was originally the 2nd drummer for the band Kyuss, taking Brant Bjork’s place.  He recorded one album with Kyuss, but the band broke up soon thereafter.  Josh Homme then asked him to be in his new band Queens Of The Stone Age.  Alfredo played on the first self titled record “Queens of The Stone Age” He was a part of the early live act of Queens of The Stone Age with Josh, Nick, and Dave Catching.  He recorded another EP with Queens Of The Stone Age, and then left to pursue other projects including Che, Mondo Generator, Family Butcher, and Yawning Man.


Brendon McNichol

Brendon was originally in the band Rattlebone, but he soon left the group and found himself in Chris Goss’s band Masters Of Reality.  He played and toured with them for a couple of years and then was asked to join Queens Of The Stone Age as a 2nd guitarist for live shows.  Brendon had a similar role to Dave Catching.  Playing guitar, Lapsteel Guitar, and Keyboard.  He recorded a couple of tracks with Queens as well.  He then left the band around the time Songs For The Deaf was released.  He is now building guitars for a living.


Gene Trautmann

Gene originally was in the band The Miracle Workers.  He played on and off with them until the band finally broke up.  He then got a chance to audition for Queens Of The Stone Age, but lost out to Alfredo Hernandez.  After Alfredo left Josh invited Gene back into the band, and he recorded drums on the album “Rated R,” as well as toured live with the band for a couple of years.  He left the band around 2001, and now can be heard in a couple of projects including The Eagles Of Death Metal, and Yellow #5.


Natasha Shneider

Natasha originally was in the band Eleven along with Alain Johannes.  She plays keyboard and adds background vocals to some QOTSA songs. Through their band Eleven, both Natasha and Alain met Chris Cornell and they co-wrote his first solo record “Euphoria Morning”.  Natasha and Alain then began to work with Josh on a couple of his Desert Session records.  Josh enjoyed working with them so much that they helped record on both “Songs For The Deaf,” and “Lullabies To Paralyze.”  Soon after Lullabies, Natasha and Alain joined Queens Of The Stone Age and toured during the Lullabies to Paralyze era. Natasha passed away on July 2nd, 2008 following a battle with cancer. To help support Alain and the rest of her family defray her medical costs, please support the Natasha Shneider Memorial Fund



Hutch is the live sound engineer for Queens Of The Stone Age.  He worked for many different punk rock bands during the 80s and was then recruited to do sound for Kyuss.  Once Kyuss broke up, Josh wanted him to do sound for his new project Queens Of The Stone Age.  Hutch has been along on the wild ride ever since. Although he is not in the band, the band considers him an extra member.  They credit much of how good they sound live to Hutch.  Hutch also does a lot for the band, including artwork, and even recording with the band.  He currently is still with the band and probably always will be.  He also has been doing sound for other bands as well, including most recently The Raconteurs.


Content originally written by Jim Morrel and Mike Mason